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 Guild Rules

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1. Log into the game. u MUST log onto vent with ur IGN (in-game-name)
2. Access the forums regularly so you know what to expect.
3. Dont throw around the guild name to make yourself look the bigger person.
4. Be active and give 100% effort in a given situation. consult your guild officers if you will be
inactive for an amount of time.
5. Personal grudges need not drag down the whole guild, depending on descretion of your guild officers.
you should pm your guild officers before starting any problems.
6. Do not post on PW forum with information regarding our guild.
7. Respect your fellow guild members as if it was your own family.
Everyone should be treated with EQUAL respect with no discrimination.
If you have any troubles talk to guild officers first.
8. We do not allow partying with enemy or enemy allies, if you do you will be considered as an enemy
party and spy. you will be risk being kicked out from the guild and be PK-d by fellow members.
9. After server maintenance, all spots are considered free on a first-come-first-serve basis.
10. As a member of the guild, you will respect and follow all decisions made by your guild officers.
In addition you should treat guild officers as if you treat your own guild LEADER.
11. DO NOT leave the guild for any reason. You must consult with guild leader first.
Failure to do so, you will not be re-invited back the guild.
12. Keep guild chat clear of DRAMA. DO NOT go EMO over DRAMA! Take this to PM's and
solve it with a guild officer and respect the decision that is made.

PK Rules:
2. DO NOT PK AFK and guildless people without justifiable reasoning.
3. Events and Pet Spawns are FFA(Free for ALL) (guildies are excluded)
4. Do NOT badmouth while PK-ing. Keep Quiet and listen to whoever is in charge of the PK.
5. Defend yourself at all times, it is okay to kill someone that attack you first.
(take screenshot of the what happened to avoid future drama)
6. DO NOT call KOS on any guild. Consult your guild leader before draggin your whole guild
into a situation they do not want.
7. There is no such thing as personal KOS.

1. For security purposes, please ensure that your account name is the same as your IGN.
2. Provide your account for public access is strictly disallowed. You will be removed from the guild
in doing so.
3. If for any reason you require leave from BLOODLUST for only a certain time, your account will be deactivated
your return.

Terms Of Agreement

By joining, You have read and understand, committing yourself to the guild
and follow these rules. In addition you will be on a 1 week probation period upon joining.
Breaking any of these rules within this period, u will be boot immediately with no questions asked.
These rules will alter as we progress so check the forums for any updates.
Failure to follow these rules will result yourself being boot from the guild.

just reply to message so it shows that we have record of ur IGN.

(this is not finalized yet. any changes can still be made.)

Guild Rules Fierycopyva3
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Guild Rules
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